I am the average native Texan who grew-up in northwest Houston. I worked as the  office director and in the O.R.  for multi physician group. One thing I've  learned, all people want access to uncensored information and dissenting opinions, so they can make informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones. This has made me extremely passionate about prohibiting Big Techs censorship, holding mainstream media accountable for disinformation, along with the infamous fact checkers whose purpose is to suppress the ability to disseminate information. This issue is quickly becoming the biggest threat to our democracy besides the two-tier justice system being propped-up by the establishment Uniparty and the politicization of federal agencies and bureaucracies.

The protection afforded to legislators by the Constitution's guarantee of immunity was placed to remove fear from speaking their minds freely. This has become highly abused and extended to cover situations and unconscionable behavior over the years which could hardly have been envisioned by our founding fathers. It has become a shield to perpetuate injustice towards political opponents. If we don't  repair these cracks that have formed in the foundation of our government and be honest about who the Democratic Party has become (our enemy) then very little will change, even when Republicans are in the majority.

I am ready to get to work to help repair America, it starts with passing term limits and reducing the size of government. Closing our borders and removing illegals that take jobs and funds away from citizens, defunding Planned Parenthood and stopping the assault on our speech and right to bear arms. We must purge the Republican party of its failed leadership that simply can not make the tough choices to put America first. Equally important, If we do not get to the bottom of what happened on Nov. 3, 2020, then everything moving forward is illegitimate.

I have a simple philosophy: the government is the servant and not the master of the people. That all legislation should be weighed and measured by this fundamental principle, will this law place undo burdens or restrict the freedoms of law abiding citizens. And that government should terminate outside the framework of the Constitution.

I want to be your Congresswoman for Montgomery County TX-08. Invite me to speak or to your event-

We take our Country back, when the average American has a seat at the table.


A thousand mile journey starts with the first step.


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