Updated: Jun 8, 2021

American's freedom to speak and communicate is under a full blown attack from Big Tech, the Mainstream Media and the Democrats. All our rights are hinged upon the First Amendment, if it falls, all the others fall with it. Their censorship of the exchange of information and the ability to engage in the diversity of ideas is corrosive. A Marxist plot is underway right now in America, eroding away our ability to acquire information, which enables dissenting views to be silenced. Without the freedom to examine all facts, you can not make informed consent. This is a huge priority of mine, this alone has the capacity to do irreversible and widespread damage to our freedoms.


There are monopoly laws on the books that should prevent exactly what is occurring now, along with the Sherman Antitrust Act for illegal anticompetitive practices. We can also pass legislation at the State level to precisely clarify with great accuracy their rules, removing their use of vagueness to censor a subject. There is lots of work to be done here.

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