Failed Republican Party Leadership

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I am going on record to state that the Nov 3 2020 Election was littered with incompetence, corruption and fraud. The way the Republican leadership and GOP disregarded this issue was a total slap in the face to anyone who voted for Trump and our free and fair elections process.

Republican family, we must address and stop denying the faulty leadership within the Republican Party. Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and the Lindsey Graham to name a few say all the right things while doing just the opposite.

Drunk on power, they prop up the two-tier justice system while protecting the corruption from all, three lettered D.C. departments and agencies. Several Trump supporters sit in solitary confinement tonight 23 hrs a day for being let into the Capitol, by Capitol Police on Jan 6, without being charged with a crime and being denied due process. While AG Merric Garland and the DOJ expunge the records and release without charges members of BLM and ANTIFA. Republican leadership has sat in silence and done nothing as this occurs while also blaming Trump for all things Jan. 6th. Our Republican leadership is failing us and we must make changes if we want to see progress.


Term limits will provide new leadership every 2-4 years, keeping things fresh and allowing long term grudges and calls from taking root or forming in the future. We can not get term limits passed without examining the process of how a bill gets from committee to the floor. As it stands now, "one person" can kill a bill or prevent it from even being heard. I am a proponent of all bills being stand alone bills . We must reform legislation negotiation. We must take a serious look at the use of pork leverage and bargaining that places nonessential and non-associated items in legislation to prevent overspending and hidden agendas and down right waste. The Congressional retirement benefits that are afforded to members of Congress has been re-designed to create political employees instead of term of service Congressman. We must stop immunity for Congressman and Government Officials who intentionally lie, leak and spread disinformation. Robert Mueller, James Comey, Obama, Adam Schiff and others must be prosecuted for their crimes against America. Continuing to sweep crimes like this under the rug, undermines our society and destroys our justice system. And all states should have legislation that allows any elected official, Federal or State, to be removed through a predetermined criteria when the voters agree they are failing to do the job they were elected to do. When we the voters have no ability to fire our employees (elected office holders) they fear no consequences for their actions or jobs.

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