Reduce the size of our government

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

We must tackle reducing the size of the Federal Government and stop its intrusiveness into our lives. I could not even find an accurate count of how many federal agencies exist. The Federal Register indicates there are over 430 departments, agencies and sub-agencies and 268 units in the Cabinet they think? No one knows how many agencies exist to whose decrees we are made to abide, that means no one knows how many people work for the government (let alone contractors) or the rules they follow. Who all want to issue their own rules and authority over you.


We can start by getting an accurate count of employees and agencies and then reduce most down to the state level. This gives the individual state the opportunity to assess each agency's necessity to their own unique needs or combine several together to create one. The CDC has been politically corrupted by the left and has issued political opinions not scientific facts during the pandemic. I am not a fan of the EPA and have a strong belief it should have no powers over any privately owned land or water. I am a firm believer that land owners make better stewards of their own properties and waters than any bureaucracies. The EPA would be better suited at the local level so it could focus solely on that state's ecological and environmental needs. This would allow local farmers and landowners to sit on the boards and make decisions for their communities. Other agencies to name a few that would serve citizens better at the local levels are the Dept. of Education and Health and Human Services, Dept. of Energy. Parents, not the federal government should have a say in their children's curriculums and their Healthcare needs.

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