SARS-Cov-2 Crimes against humanity

This is a top priority of mine to expose the crime against humanity by the CCP and the Democrats. People should know the truth. The truth is a paper or cloth mask has never stopped a virus or prevented the spread of any virus. I have provided a link to all legitimate mask studies approved by the CDC. All these studies have all stated they provide no protection yet the CDC along with Dr. Fauci lied to the public.

The PCR test was not only cycled too high causing thousands of false positives, it can not distinguish between the Flu and Coronavirus. Think about that statement!

We have therapeutics that many physicians and hospitals refused to give and they should be held responsible. The therapeutics that can prevent or stop C19 within days HCQ and Ivermectin were demonized by false reporting and physicians said nothing because they were being threatened by their local Medical Boards to spread lies or lose their license.

The once premiere medical journal the Lansent pretend a false medical report on HCQ that started the anti-HCQ hysteria then quietly removed it. Thousands were denied the opportunity for prevention and died. This is criminal. The CDC has a long history of covering up crimes and facts about medications and has been allowed to continue to operate as if they are an advocate.

We can no longer allow bureaucracies and agencies to wield power over citizens any longer as they have become politicized activists instead of public servants.

A) Masks-

B) PCR test and asymptom spread link-

C)vaccine links

D) Fauci linked to the www.


Science has been politicized to reflect hard left opinions and not facts or data. This includes claiming there are more than 2 biological sexes, climate change tyranny, all things covid to the CDC and your personal health care and beyond. We the people should not be taking orders from any bureaucracy, especially the CDC with its astonishing horrible track record of covering -up and lying. No official should be able to make claims or statements any longer regarding COVID to Climate Change or any other matter without presenting scientific bipartisan data and facts. Without presenting the bipartisan data and fact it is all hearsay. Government should not be allowed to practice medicine without a license. Government elected officials should not be able to hinder the use or sell of any prescription medication or tell physicians how to practice medicine.

I am against forced vaccines, against vaccine passports, Masks mandates and any and all medical tyranny. Hylendburg trials and laws.

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